We know that deciding to volunteer can be a significant personal process – from choosing a cause you’re most passionate about to finding the time – it can be challenging. Once you’ve made your decision and enrolled, the excitement kicks in and you can’t wait to experience your new life as a volunteer! But then what?

Previously, our volunteer process took an average of 81 days, from the time someone enrolled to the day they went out on their first shift.

Our team have been working tirelessly to shorten this this process and enhance our volunteer experience, and have now reduced the volunteer enrolment process to one day! Yes, you read that right – one (1) day!

Brisbane volunteer and Orange Sky Operations Support Officer, Izzy Coulsen was a leading part of this process. “In the back end, we were working on arranging new orientations, sending contracts, training, and scheduling volunteers within their availability,” Izzy said. “However, this could be deflating for someone who has been enthusiastically waiting to don the orange shirt and support their community.”

That’s why reducing this enrolment period has been an important focus of our team. We wanted volunteers to have a seamless onboarding process and maintain their excitement from the moment they register to the first friend they connect with. Orange Sky couldn’t wash, connect and support people experiencing homelessness without our 2,000 volunteers across Australia and New Zealand. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate that our volunteers can be ready to go on shift in the same time it takes to do 48 loads of washing!

Become an Orange Sky Volunteer

Though the enrolment period has dramatically decreased, this doesn’t mean we’ve reduced the quality of our training and support measures. Now, volunteers register online and are provided all the information needed to prepare for their first shift. They can then gain access to comprehensive online modules for Orangetation (orientation), training, and safety. Once a contract is signed and shift availability is confirmed, the first shift can begin!

If you’ve been wanting to become an Orange Sky volunteer, now is the time! Across Australia and New Zealand, many people are doing it tough, with the pandemic exacerbating these challenges. Learn more about how volunteering with Orange Sky can positively connect you with your community. We’re super excited to see you out on shift… Maybe even tomorrow!

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