Vehicles are a pretty big part of what we do at Orange Sky (we’re a ‘mobile’ laundry and shower service after all!), so we thought it was fitting to start this month’s safety spiel with some facts about vehicles that you might not know…

  • • There are an estimated 60 million cars made each year
  • • As of 2010, there were more than 1 billion vehicles being used on earth
  • • The average person spends two weeks of their life waiting at red lights!
  • • A car fuelled by a cappuccino was created as an attempt at producing a renewable energy source. The car system converts used coffee grounds to flammable gas. It takes 56 espressos to fuel 1.6km in the ‘car-puccino’
  • • Here is one last fact, and this one is a little more sobering; driver distraction is one of the main causes of road crashes, accounting for approximately 1 in 4 car crashes.

It’s a timely reminder as we start a new year to remain vigilant when we get behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether it’s our own or if we are driving an Orange Sky van to shift.


  • • Watch your speed. Speeding does not just mean driving faster than the posted speed limit, it also means driving too fast for the conditions such as weather, traffic and road conditions.
  • Fatigue is a major contributing factor to work-related vehicle accidents. Effects of fatigue on driving include impaired judgement, reaction times and performance among others. Drivers can manage this by having sufficient sleep before driving, keeping the cabin well ventilated, avoiding medications which cause drowsiness.
  • • Using mobile phones and tablets distracts drivers in a number of ways from their primary task of driving. Drivers can manage this by allowing calls to go to voicemail, not touching your device while at traffic lights or while stationary in traffic. If you must use your phone first pull over and come to a complete stop.
  • • OSA vans are longer and higher than standard vehicles, keep this in mind when parking, entering tight or low spaces. Be sure to use a spotter if you need guidance, take your time and never rush.By remembering to drive responsibly we can continue to keep our vans roadworthy and keep ourselves and the community safe this year.

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