My name is Judith and I am the Program Manager for Remote and Indigenous Communities at Orange Sky. I’ve worked across remote communities in a range of contexts for a number of years, and have heard many stories and seen firsthand the consequences of past action at an individual, community and government level – but this does not make me an expert.
Reconciliation is important to me because without it, reaching an equitable and harmonious Australia will be less likely. The beauty and strength of our country needs to be reflected for and among all its people, not only some.

For me, reconciliation means acknowledging and doing our bit to right the past. It’s about coming together, getting to know one another and working alongside each other now and into the future.

It’s about keeping equity in the front of our minds at all times, which means sometimes we should preference others voices over our own or step aside to let others come forward.

Reconciliation is important to Orange Sky because we support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all our services; metro, regional and remote. In remote areas, we work alongside communities and organisations and have a commitment to ensuring our services are appropriate and relevant. One of the most important things for us is taking the time to listen to as many people in a community before setting up a new service.
While Orange Sky’s focus is on providing a space for connection through our laundry and shower services, we are committed to providing employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It’s important that we work alongside employees to provide a locally appropriate service and help to improve health and well-being outcomes for the community as a way of working towards reconciliation.

During Reconciliation Week and beyond, I encourage you to learn and grow your understanding by reading, reflecting and talking with others, and acting at all times to build an equitable and positive future for all.

At Orange Sky, we’ll continue to provide ways for staff and volunteers to learn, grow and act on reconciliation to help improve outcomes for Australia’s First People.

Here’s some resources we’re diving into:

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