He takes to the streets with a pair of scissors and eagerness to hear the stories and experiences of others. His name is Nasir Sobhani, but you might know him as ‘The Streets Barber’. He has an Instagram following of around 91,000 people and we were lucky enough to – literally – run into him on the streets of Geelong while we were in town launching our van ‘Bluey’. After a quick chat, we’d lined up our co-founder Lucas to receive his first ever cut throat shave.
We arrived at Nasir’s studio the following day and Lucas was ready to be clean-shaven for first time since he was 18. Nasir prepared the room and we were able to capture everything on film. It was amazing to hear the philosophy behind his passion for providing haircuts to people experiencing homelessness and the connections with Orange Sky’s free laundry and shower service.
“I have something that can actually make someone feel really really happy. I feel like it’s my duty to give back to humanity,” Nasir explained.
The two talked about the power of storytelling and why it is important to share people’s experiences with the community. Everyone has a story and everyone has different reasons for being in a particular situation in their life. The services that are provided by the Streets Barber and Orange Sky are only a small part of our stories. It is the power of connection and conversation that comes about by engaging with someone in a genuine and non-judgemental way.
As Nasir finished Lucas’ shave, it became clear that this was only the start of an amazing relationship with the Streets Barber in Geelong. It’s just another way that Orange Sky is positively connecting communities through strong partnerships and connected services for our friends on the street.
Check out the full video below.

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