• Has a total of 285,376 frequent flyer points
  • Runs late for 3 meetings a day
  • Loves the sound of his voice 100% of the time


  • Has attended a shift at all 24 Orange Sky services across Australia
  • Is ranked #1 at office ping pong
  • Has lost 8 pairs of sunglasses this year
Head of Operations


  • Is the #1 Asana Power User in the office
  • Owns 54 Hawaiian Shirts
  • Has taken 286 photos of sunrises
Head of Finance


  • Spends 100 hours a week in spreadsheets
  • Has visited 38 countries
  • can recite all 4.15 minutes of Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘The Horses’
Finance Officer


  • Chases receipts 365 days of the year
  • Has 8 bags of lollies on her desk at all times
  • Has played 100 games of netball for Orange Sky
Lead Software Developer


  • Has logged in 422 times to the Orange Sky Portal
  • Owns 18 video game consoles
  • Plays ping pong 15 times a day
Manager, Brand & Communications


  • Sits down at his desk for 3 minutes each day
  • Has worked in 1 Bolivian Prison
  • Has started but never mastered learning 10 different musical instruments
Digital Designer


  • Hits snooze 7 times each morning
  • Hits CMD + S 311 times a day
  • Has now written 3 fun facts
Assistant to the CEO and Co-founders


  • Spends 97.5% of her day rescheduling meetings and travel arrangements
  • Has visited 3 counties in 1 day – Breakfast in Albania, lunch in Montenegro and dinner in Croatia
  • Plans on buying 1 pig in the near future
Manager, Service Operations (Vic & Tas)


  • Supports 5 vans in Victoria and Tasmania
  • Is made of 70% peppermint tea
  • Owns 48 pairs of shoes
Social Impact Coordinator (NSW & Central Coast)


  • Is 188cm and our tallest female employee
  • Attended 9 different schools (but not because she was naughty)
  • Raised $5500 by shaving her head for the World’s Greatest Shave
Software Developer


  • Knows 10 programming languages
  • Has 19 days of music saved
  • Averages 9.24 in cricket
Human Resources Officer


  • Says the word recruitment 42 times a day
  • Owns 35 pairs of sunglasses
  • Drinks 8 cups of tea per day
Software Developer


  • Writes 123 lines of code per day
  • Is slave to 1 entitled cat
  • Ignores 12 phone calls per day
Grants Manager


  • Has spent the past 6 years as a die hard New England Patriots fan
  • Has watched the complete X-Files Series 17 times in her life
  • Owns all 9 Radiohead Albums
Vehicle Operations Manager - Build


  • Has fitted 328m of waste hose
  • Prefers 2 wheels rather than 4
  • Once owned 21 different trumpets
Warehouse Foreman


  • Has printed 468,861 Orange Sky t-shirts
  • Has thrown out over 35 Tupperware containers at HQ
  • Runs 15km to work each day
Manager, Service Operations (WA & SA)


  • Spends her works days in 3 different time zones across 4 states
  • Has 23 Lonely Planet travel books so far
  • Has over 300 GB of digital photos in her collection so far
Electrical Trades Assistant


  • Has built 37 control boxes
  • Won’t start the day without 1 long black coffee
  • Has never seen the last 10 mins of the Lion King Movie
Manager, Service Operations (NSW & ACT)


  • Looks after 400 volunteers across NSW and ACT
  • Drinks on average 11 coffees and 3 red bulls per day
  • Is 155cms and is the shortest female employee
Trades Assistant


  • Is studying 1 Mechanical Engineering degree while working at Orange Sky
  • Speaks 2 different languages
  • Has lived in 3 different countries
Software Developer


  • Has cried 87 times watching Bridge to Terabithia
  • Has 3 first names and 3 last names, but no middle names
National Fundraising Manager


  • Got her 1st job on Crocodile Dundee 3
  • Ran 3100km last year
  • has over 21,542 emails in yahoo inbox
Events Coordinator


  • Has 9 tabs up at any one time
  • Had 7 orange outfits before joining Orange Sky
  • Is number 6 whenever playing footy
Manager, HSE & Risk


  • Has 0 social media accounts
  • 1st car was a VW Beetle with large yellow peace signs painted on the doors
  • Would like to master at least 1 musical instrument. Currently plays the Morin Khuur, but very badly

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