Our funds are raised from:

· Individual Donations
· Community Fundraising
· Major Gifts and Bequests
· Sponsorships
· Corporate and Commercial Partnerships
· Private and Government Grants, Private Ancillary Funds, Trust Funds and Philanthropic Foundations
· Orange Sky Merchandise Sales

How do we manage our funds?

Orange Sky provides a free laundry and shower service to people experiencing homelessness. In order to do this, we need to fund our services that operate across Australia every week shift locations. We invest our funds raised into a number of areas, so we are best positioned to continue our services in existing locations and grow the capacity of the organisation to help more people in need.

What is Orange Sky’s Overhead?

Funds raised for Orange Sky Australia go to supporting our immediate and long term impact to provide clean clothes and conversation to as many people experiencing homelessness as possible. Overhead for any good business, for profit or for purpose, is vital to delivering outputs of impact at scale. Orange Sky’s 'overhead' is our people and resources who work tirelessly, day in and day out, to ensure we can have the biggest impact on as many people as possible.

Overhead is part of the Orange Sky Australia cause. Every dollar we invest goes to advancing our cause meaning great services, greater reach and greater impact.

A $24 donation will provide a friend on the street with clean laundry and a warm shower.

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