Volunteers have one of the most important jobs at Orange Sky – to connect with our friends through genuine and non-judgemental conversation. It might sound simple, but we’ve seen first-hand how a positive connection can impact a person’s life. In the hour that it takes to do a load of laundry, we sit down on our six orange chairs and have a chat – it’s a simple opportunity for every day Australians to connect. You can help to make a difference by volunteering a few hours of your time each fortnight.

Help to positively connect your community.


Types of Volunteering

Service Manager

The Service Manager is the face of Orange Sky in a region, and works with Orange Sky HQ and local volunteers to positively connect communities!

15-20 hours per week

Assistant Service Manager

There are two Assistant Service Managers for each service, who help across different parts of the organisation and work closely with local volunteers in operating the service.

5-10 hours per week

Vehicle Manager

The Vehicle Manager maintains the Orange Sky van and assists volunteers in minor troubleshooting. Mechanical experience is helpful but not required!

5-10 hours per week


Every Orange Sky shift has a designated Team Leader that arranges the weekly roster and ensures the safe and successful operation of the service at the same weekly location.

2-4 hours per week

General Volunteer

General volunteers commit to a fortnightly or weekly shift, assisting our friends to access our services and having genuine conversations!

2-4 hours per week/fortnight