Innovation is part of our DNA at Orange Sky and continues to be the driving force behind our five year strategy - we’re hoping to triple our impact and help 40,000 people experiencing homelessness by 2025. 

From the early days when Nic and Lucas pushed the limits to build our very first van ‘Sudsy’, to our expansion into mobile showers and laundry 'pods', to developing a volunteer management SaaS product backed by Google, we strive daily to push our limits to pioneer more efficient and innovative ways to scale our impact across Australia and New Zealand. 

Our core value of "giving things a crack" and challenging ourselves to think outside the box has allowed us to create impact and reach people in areas we never could have before. 

As such, Orange Sky established an ‘imagination and innovation’ stream called ‘Team Delta’ in June 2020, to enable the ideation, testing and development of new projects to support more people doing it tough. Fundamentally, the purpose of Team Delta is to: 

Explore new and better ways to scale our impact to the community.

With strong, simple principles, vision and methodology we are excited to discover the next positive connection with Orange Sky. Learn more about Team Delta and our latest innovations below. 

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Remote Community Ventures
Remote Vehicle 3.0
Vehicle Upgrades
Laundromat of the Future
The Waru Dryer
Social Impact Laundromat


What does Team Delta mean?
Team ‘Delta’ – meaning an alternative form of change – is about leaning into our capacity to innovate and giving things a go that have potential to make a difference.

Who makes up Team Delta?
Team Delta is run by one of our co-founders, Nicholas Marchesi – Chief Delta Officer (CDO), and comprises of a small team of developers, engineers and big thinkers and supported by appropriate contractors for relevant projects.

When was Team Delta established?
June 2020 – when we set out our five-year plan to 2025!

Why was Team Delta established?
To enable the ideation, testing and development of new projects with the goal of tripling our impact by helping 40,000 people experiencing homelessness by 2025.

Will this substitute or ‘take over’ the outreach work Orange Sky traditionally does?
Absolutely not! Team Delta’s goal is only to enrich and improve Orange Sky’s core mission of ‘Positively Connecting Communities’ through laundry/shower services and non-judgemental conversation.

When will we learn more about Team Delta’s projects?
All Delta projects go through a rigorous and considerate process to ensure they are the best use of our resources and most likely to help Orange Sky scale their impact to 40,000 people by 2025.

Who can I speak to for more information?
Click the button at the bottom of this page to send us a message and one of the team will get back to you as soon as we can!

"When people think of Orange Sky, they think of a crazy idea that was given a go. We didn't know the budget, impact or scalability in 2014 but we sure are thankful we 'gave it a go'. 

Our dream with Team Delta is to give some things a go that we think we should or could do. With strong, simple principles, vision and methodology we are excited to discover the next positive connection."

Nicholas Marchesi

Co-Founder and Chief Delta Officer

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