Orange Sky Australia would like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of this nation and of the lands in which we operate. We respect and honour Elders past, present and future. Orange Sky is committed to working alongside First Peoples to create a positive future together.
 Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander viewers are advised this website may contain images, voices and name of deceased persons.


Orange Sky is committed to positively connecting people all across the country, particularly those living in remote Australian communities where access to laundry services can be limited and cost prohibitive. To support this, Orange Sky works alongside remote communities to build impact through free laundry, local employment and local partnerships.
Orange Sky operates in remote communities across Queensland, Northern Territory (NT) and Western Australia (WA). We began supporting remote communities in 2017 in Lockhart River, Cape York Queensland. In 2018, Orange Sky established a service for the community on Palm Island, Queensland. In 2019, a service was launched in Maningrida, Northern Territory, through a purposeful partnership with the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service, who provides and manages the laundry service locally with Orange Sky's support. 
 In 2021, Orange Sky visited over 25 remote communities to identify communities that were interested in partnering with our service. Following this, seven new services have been launched since then, including Wadeye (NT), Bidyadanga (WA), Fitzroy Crossing (WA), Aurukun (QLD), Yungngora (WA), Yakanarra (WA), Galiwin'ku (NT) and Kalgoorlie (WA). In addition to providing mobile laundry facilities and conversation, we understand the significant social impact of employment opportunities in remote communities. Orange Sky highly values strong partnerships in local communities and is committed to working with each community to create workable and appropriate solutions. If you'd like to chat about a service in your community or how you can support funding, you can get in touch with us here.

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"It’s a vital service I think, because many people don’t have access to washing machines in the community and it just makes it so hard. Anything that we can do to combat health issues is a winner.”

Rachel, Registered Nurse Maningrida

"I think it’s really good, especially when people don’t have a washing machine, especially where we park close. It’s good to keep the countrymen busy while they’re washing and we keep an eye on things like sores and scabies, we encourage Mum and Dad to bring the kids to the clinic. It’s good working together, communicating, Mala’la involved with Orange Sky. Looking forward it’s more help so we can see the future, more kids growing healthy and strong, for their life."

Kurt, Health Worker, Mala’la Health Service

"I’m very hopeful this model will inform other communities. Partnerships in this space are so important because you can’t go it alone, no service can do it on their own, you have to work with other people to maximize your opportunities so you can move forward."

Lesley, Manager of Health and Community Services, Mala’la Health Service.
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