What are the ingredients that make up Orange Sky’s impact? Well for us, it’s an opportunity to wash and dry a set of clothes and positively connect with someone in need. The next question is, 'Does this necessarily need to come from a van?'

As part of our goal to triple our impact by 2025 and help more than 40,000 people, we decided to challenge this question and see where else Orange Sky’s impact could be expanded. This is where the idea, 'Laundromat of the Future' (LOTF) was born. 

LOTF is all about partnering with amazing laundromats who are keen to support Orange Sky’s mission by allowing our same trusted and free services to regularly run from their location(s), as well as enabling their patrons to 'pay it forward' and contribute some of their payment to Orange Sky’s services. 

This new service means larger quantities of washing can be carried out but in a more efficient way, whilst simultaneously supporting local businesses to increase their patron volume and sales, with Orange Sky covering the cost of each load.

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When and where are you currently operating?
We have launched our first pilot in Toowoomba at the Wyalla Coinwash located at 238 Taylor St, Toowoomba City QLD 4350. We are currently doing two shifts per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-2pm.

Are laundromat partners compensated for using their assets?
Of course! Laundromat partners will be paid for each laundry load to help support local businesses. If you are a laundromat owner and would like to become a partner – send us an email at delta@orangesky.org.au.

Will these paid services be using OSA’s current resources?
Yes, the same way that our tried and trusted outreach services do! In some cases, LOTF may even become more cost effective per load of washing.

I own a laundromat. How can I be part of this?
We are always open to partnering with more great laundromats! If you would like to be part of LOTF, please send us an email at delta@orangesky.org.au.

Why did you choose to launch LOTF in Toowoomba?
There are a couple of reasons that Toowoomba was a good choice for us. We know in recent times there have been quite a few people in Toowoomba doing it tough and it was a place that we also don’t currently have an operating shift. We thought it was a great way to introduce ourselves to the community and be alongside so many other amazing service providers.

Can I volunteer for a LOTF shift?
Absolutely! If you are able to attend regular two-hour shifts at our partner laundromats – click here to complete your application to become a volunteer. Once approved, you can explore activities that best fit your schedule!

Are there other ways I can help out?
We always welcome new supporters to Orange Sky. Click here to find out how you can get involved!


"First of all it's going to help me save money, so I can use it for the other important things in my life.

It's great to head down for a chat - especially for me as I have been told I am a talker. We don't talk about anything serious like politics or religion - just a nice chat to connect.

This is going to be a big help for everybody, there are many other people worse off than me who need this."

Fiona, Local Community

Member - Toowoomba

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