After celebrating our 8th birthday - we've grown up, and it was time for our vehicles to do the same. Since our very first load of washing back in 2014, we've continued to tackle challenging problems with innovative solutions. In order to meet the increasing demand for Orange Sky's services, we upgraded our vehicles to be more reliable, user-friendly and better for the environment.

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Why is Orange Sky upgrading vehicles?
After an internal audit and feedback from volunteers, the upgrades allowed our vehicles to be more reliable, user-friendly and better for the environment. They still continue to offer the same laundry, or laundry and shower services, just in a better way!

What are some of the main changes?
The biggest upgrade was removing the diesel-generator (that powers the machines), and installing a solar-powered battery bank. Using the power of the sun, roof-mounted solar panels charge the batteries – providing cleaner energy for our machines. Our previous regular dryers were replaced with Orange Sky’s Waru Dryer, reducing overall electrical consumption by 90%. There are some other great changes like the van layout for easier access and sturdy awning for weather protection.

What is the Waru Dryer?
Click here to read all about our Waru Dryer.

Are the vehicles more complex to operate now?
Quite the opposite! Our vehicle systems are even easier to operate, with new control management systems onboard and easier access to machines and waste hoses – operations have never been smoother or safer.

I’d like more information on the Vehicle Upgrades Project
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"Every organisation can take little steps to reduce their impact on the environment, and this vehicle upgrade is just one small step in our journey to be better for the environment" - Nic (Co-Founder)

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