Orange Sky’s 2025 goal is to scale our impact and help 40,000 people with our services. Part of this journey has highlighted the need for more available laundry services for those in remote Australian communities. When Orange Sky was invited to help supply our services to these communities - we were eager to get going! However we quickly realised our standard laundry vans weren’t built to last in some of the conditions in these remote areas - This led us to create the Remote Vehicle 3.0 (RV3.0).

The RV3.0 contains 3 washers and 3 dryers, and the latest in Orange Sky’s mobile laundry innovations (including the Waru Dryer). The RV3.0 is powered by REDARC solar panels, lithium batteries and charging system in order to effectively capture, store and use the renewable energy harnessed. This gives the vehicle the ability to produce more power than it uses (reducing electrical consumption by up to 80% per shift).

We are excited to now deploy these vehicles across a growing number of communities in collaboration with local partners and residents!

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Will these be run by volunteers?
At each Orange Sky shift, we always work alongside a service provider. Once the RV3.0 vehicles are introduced to the remote communities, the service provider for each area will provide paid employment opportunities for locals to staff the service.

Where are RV3.0s currently active?
As of Nov 2021, RV3.0 vehicles are currently operating at Palm Island, Cairns, Maningrida, Wadeye, Brisbane and the Kimberley Region!

Will there be RV3.0’s in regional areas and capital cities?
Not at this stage. RV3.0 is best suited for remote communities for now.

What is the Waru Dryer?
Click here to read all about our Waru Dryer.

I am from a remote community and I would like Orange Sky and an RV3.0 in my area too.
Wonderful! We would love to have a chat and see how – reach out to us via the contact form here.

Do these vehicles have generators?
Nope! These vehicles run on solar, and use a fuel-powered dryer (Waru Dryer) as their source of drying.

“Many people and families in remote communities don’t have access to basic facilities like washing machines and if they do, they are often overused and don’t last long - with the geographical location making it challenging to find a technician to repair them.

Since introducing the RV3.0 vehicle to Wadeye alongside our local partner TDC, during our testing phase, we have been overwhelmed with the response from the community. The laundry van not only meets the strong demand for laundry facilities, but it brings together so many different families and clan groups, which is a really beautiful outcome."

Judith Meiklejohn

Orange Sky Remote Program Manager

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