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Volunteers from around Australia helped to launch Hobart’s van, ‘Splasher,’ in July 2016.

Splasher was launched on a particularly cold day in July. Our volunteers huddled around the dryer vents, ready to meet some new friends for a chat. Splasher, located in Hobart, has a unique story behind its launch as it was our first service where we had limited volunteers in nearby locations to help get the service up and running. In an amazing demonstration of the Orange Sky community and values, we had volunteers from the Sunshine Coast and Canberra raise their hands to be part of this massive undertaking. In doing so, Splasher became a van that symbolised the ongoing community across our vans, locations, volunteers, and of course, our friends.

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Hobart's Orange Sky Launch

Orange Sky has helped to positively connect the community in Hobart since July 2016.

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The six orange chairs in every Orange Sky van are the most important part of our service. They are used by our volunteers and friends to connect. Each chair represents a key cost specific to the location, and through the support of these chairs, we are able to continue helping our friends.