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Our Melbourne service brings together people from all walks of life. Orange Sky has two vans in Melbourne and one in Melbourne South East

The Melbourne laundry van, ‘Jelley Baby,’ was launched in Orange Sky’s first year of operation and is still one of our busiest services in Australia. Our first ever shower van was also launched in Melbourne in December 2016, proudly supported by the Shine On Foundation. ‘Monty’ helps raise hygiene standards, but also establishes a place for our volunteers to engage in conversations and form friendships with those after a hot shower.

Monty and Jelley Baby work alongside each other to help our friends on the street by providing free mobile laundry and shower services. We positively connect communities through the power of non-judgemental conversations with our friends while out on shift.

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Meet Geoff

He is one of our incredible volunteers in Melbourne who helps to positively connect our friends each week.

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The six orange chairs in every Orange Sky van are the most important part of our service. They are used by our volunteers and friends to connect. Each chair represents a key cost specific to the location, and through the support of these chairs, we are able to continue helping our friends.

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