Starting a new job is the epitome of mixed emotions.

The nerves and excitement rolled in together are almost too much to handle. But when I started at Orange Sky Australia a month ago, I learnt very quickly that starting a new job did not have to be scary and stressful.

Here are the five things I learnt in my first month at Orange Sky…

1. Everyone is amazing – and I’m not just talking about that first month in, honey-moon phase. I am talking about a genuine connection. People really want to help you, get to know you and more than anything, make sure that your time at Orange Sky is valued.

2. Colour is king! I have a friend who joked that my new workplace would look like Google – I mean there’s coloured post-it notes lining the walls, whiteboards with some serious brainstorming and ergonomically considerate desks! Orange Sky is passionate about creating the best working environment for everyone, and they do a pretty great job at it.

3. Passion and purpose is palpable – they say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. For me, if you have passion in what you do, you will continuously want to do more.

4. Pretty stationery doesn’t make you productive. I love stationery and love how organised it makes things look, but does it really help me get more work done? No… it just looks pretty. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to leverage systems of work that are created to enhance productivity and efficiency.

5. Goal set, review, create objectives, build key results – rinse and repeat! Planning is just as important as wearing your favourite T-shirt – it adds something to your confidence, personality and productivity.

Coming from a hospitality and tourism background, it is an absolute breath of fresh air moving into the not-for-profit industry, especially to somewhere like Orange Sky where innovation and creativity is valued.

I now get the opportunity to work with organisations of varying sizes and different missions, but all with a common goal. This sense of community is definitely what connected me to Orange Sky and the role that I am in today.

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