Workplace giving is a great way to support Orange Sky. Also known as payroll giving, this program allows staff to donate a portion of their pre-tax salary on a regular basis. Companies can then choose to match donations and double their impact for people experiencing homelessness.

By signing up to support Orange Sky through workplace giving, you'll be helping to positively connect the 1 in 200 people in Australia experiencing homelessness tonight. Every contribution makes an impact.

“Our people are passionate about giving back to the community and one of the ways we do that is through our Matched Payroll Giving program. We were lucky enough for Orange Sky Australia co-founders Nic and Lucas to present to our employees and everyone was so inspired that Orange Sky became REA Group’s top Matched Payroll Giving charity the next month! We are incredibly proud to support Orange Sky and humbled by the work they do providing access to showers and laundry for friends in the community who need a hand.”– Jessica Christie, REA Group’s Executive Manager – Sustainability.


Thanks loads for choosing Orange Sky as your Workplace Giving recipient, we’re excited to have you join us. To set up workplace giving at your organisation, all you need to do is set up payroll donations and then encourage your staff to sign up. There are two ways to set up payroll donations:

Workplace Giving Platform

Using an existing built-for-purpose platform provides an accessible and easy set up process for your payroll team and staff. Staff are able to create accounts, choose a charity and donation amount, and manage their contributions themselves. There are several platforms you can use, such as Good Company or Good2Give. The use of a third-party platform does however incur a fee, unlike bank transfers.

Bank Transfer

You can set up your Workplace Giving program internally by scheduling a regular bank transfer to Orange Sky that coincides with your pay cycle. For assistance with this, we suggest visiting the ATO website or Workplace Giving Australia
Paying via bank transfer means that we receive 100% of the donations, and you can utilise your current HR or payroll platform. In order to set up a bank transfer with Orange Sky, please follow the below instructions: 
a) Visit our donate page
b) Enter the amount your organisation would like to donate and how often
c) Select ‘Direct Deposit’ under Payment Details
d) Fill in your organisation’s details
e) You will receive direct deposit details and a unique reference number that is required to use when making the donation.
If you run into any problems setting this up, please give us a call on 07 3067 5800 or email us at and we can help you out.


If you are an employee wondering how you can get your workplace on board, we recommend speaking to your HR or Payroll team. If your organisation does not already have a program set up, you can refer them to this site and ask them to get in touch with us to chat.

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