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Lockhart River is a remote Aboriginal community in Far North Queensland near the world-heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with untouched beaches and amazing fishing.

It is also the location of Orange Sky’s first remote laundry service; a custom-built vehicle that is unique from any other in the fleet. Three washing machines and three dryers were fitted to an ex-defence truck before it set off on the long drive to one of the most northern communities in Australia. ‘Pytham,’ which was named by the community, is adorned with the artworks of three local artists; Silas Hobson, Fiona Omeenyo and Rosella Namok.

Orange Sky was able to work with locals to support community-driven ideas, aimed at improving hygiene standards and providing the opportunity for a yarn. It has been a privilege to be welcomed into the Lockhart River community and brought along the journey towards improved health outcomes. As with all our services, Orange Sky’s biggest impact has taken place on the six orange chairs that are set up at shift locations across this small community.

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